I am a spark because…

I want to build more leaders in the world! - Ahmed
I want to continue the legacy of our dear Prophet (peace be upon him) - Maryam
I want to unite our community - Omar
I want to contribute to the Canada - Khalid
I want Edmonton Islamic Academy to grow -Muntahah
I want Al Rashid Quran Academy to expand - Liban
We need more room so that more Muslim kids are able to experience being in an Islamic school - Najib
I want Canadian born Muslims to become scholars of Islam - Mickey
I would like to see us build the “Blue Mosque” in Edmonton, Canada - Yasmin
We need to provide more services and programs that services to meet the ever-changing needs of the Muslim community - Fadi
The Muslim community of Edmonton is growing and we need to make sure that we offer a welcoming place for everyone - Roula
Being a Canadian and a Muslim means I am serving Allah - Kathleen
I need to better explain my religion to our Canadian neighbors - Taher
Parents want to see the more quality early childhood center like Al Rashid Preschool throughout the city with expanded hours of operation - Ghada
I want my children to know their identity as a Muslim Canadian - Tamer
I want my children want to learn in an Islamic environment - Yehia
I want quality Islamic education for everyone, Muslims and non-Muslims - Mounir
Empowering young people means leaving a lasting legacy of world leading intellectuals and researchers in all academic disciplines - Ghazi
Giving students the confidence to succeed and carry the legacy of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) - Ahmet
Because education can’t wait! - Walid
Young Muslims want a safe place to hang out! - Salwa
We want a recreation center because I want to be able to keep my modesty as a Muslim girl where my beliefs and values are respected - Hassen
We need responsive services in recreation, social services, counseling and more.  Ali

We need responsive services to support individuals and family social needs - Moussa

The Muslim community in Edmonton is growing everyday, which means needs and services are growing as well - Ahmed

We need a family centered facility for our elders where they can enjoy their time with families and friends - Anisa

We value our elders in our community; they are a gem and needs to be treated like one - Faisal

Our elders need a space where they socialize and continue their learning - Shahid

The seniors in our community should also have the equal opportunity to live life to the fullest - Abdullah

We need professional and responsive care for our elders - Abdul

We all need a peace of mind when it comes to caring for our elderly parents - Kashif

Our respected parents should not be stuck at home alone while we work – they need a space where they are enjoying their golden years with friends and families - Abdikhadir

Children should not feel burdened for caring for their elderly parents; we need to create a space where they feel loved, cared and still contributors to the society - Samir

It is our right to be buried in an Islamic manner - Faysall

We need end of life care in an Islamic context - Hani

Our neighbors has the right to know about Islam – I want to contribute to building an outreach center - Eman

We need to celebrate and share our history with Canadian citizens - Ratha

Everyone should have access to accurate information about Islam and Muslims - Najeeb

We need to create a warm and welcoming center for non Muslims to learn about Islam - Imad

The Muslim community needs to be better at managing the donations and properties received.  And this is why I am supporting Lighting the Legacy campaign - Bassam

Our disabled and elderly members of the community need more space when they come to the masjid – we need a bigger masjid - Jamel